Born in Portland, Oregon my father re-enlisted into the military and as is common for military families we moved frequently, first to Great Falls, Montana, next to Ülm Germany followed by Wiesbaden, Germany and finally to Tacoma, Washington where my father retired. The family took every opportunity to travel while we lived in Europe and we visited countless countries in Western Europe. My father got into photography while living in Europe before I was born and he always had his camera with him wherever we traveled. I remember it well, a 35mm Pentax. He used to let me take photos with his camera. The only thing I remember him telling me was to make sure it was in focus and to keep the little needle on the light meter in the middle.  My interest for photography continues today.

My work has been published multiple times both online and in print. I love landscape photography, but also have interests in portraiture, cityscapes, product, travel and real estate / architecture photography. Photography evokes emotion for me when I’m able to capture a scene that’s dramatic through a combination of light and composition. I can sometimes lose myself in the moment. 

Jim Clark lives near Phoenix with his partner Diane and travels frequently around the world enjoying and improving his craft.